Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review of Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks

Blood Magic (World of the Lupi, #6)Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really enjoyed this one. Its a great addition to an already wonderful series. In Blood Magic, Lily and Rule are preparing for their unconventional wedding (lupi do NOT get married!) Unfortunately, an enemy from her grandmother's past has shown up for revenge. In this story, more is learned about Grandmother's past, and Lily is also growing in ways she had never expected. She learns about the magic that lives in her blood, passed down from her grandmother. Not all is known at this time, and I'm excited to start reading the next book so as to learn even more!

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my site.
    This sounds interesting, I've never had the pleasure of reading any of Ms. Wilks' books, its on my tbr now.

  2. Thanks in return for dropping by mine!
    I love these books. Its a nice and different take on the werewolf story, and I love how the novels keep growing and building.

  3. Great brief review! I'm a couple of book behind in this series, but I have them on my TBR shelf!

  4. Thanks! There's more to say, obviously, but I definitely don't want to spoil anything. I just recently started reading this series, and I'm on the current book. Now I have to wait on a new one for it just like all my other series lol.