Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review of Goddess with a Blade by Lauren Dane

Goddess With a BladeGoddess With a Blade by Lauren Dane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(I received this book after requesting a copy from NetGalley.  This does not change my review in any way.)

At first it took me a little bit of reading to get into this story. Not because it wasn’t good – it was – but because I had to immerse myself in this new world of Vampires and Hunters that Lauren Dane has created. Once I got caught up in the story though, I could NOT stop reading!

Rowan Summerwaite is different from other heroines I’ve read in this genre. She is the Vessel for the Celtic goddess Brigid and is stronger and quicker than your average human. She even carries a sword blessed by the goddess that she uses to kill Vampires that have gone against the treaty agreed upon by the Vampire Nation and the Hunter Corporation. Rowan was also raised by The First of the Vampire Nation, Theo, and being the foster daughter of a powerful Vampire can make for an eventful childhood. This description of Rowan by her friend Thena is perfect:
“Ro, he’s human and he cares about you. He has no way of knowing you’re like this super-human, Goddess-channeling Vessel of death and destruction worthy of one very cool Japanese anime series.”   Location 483 - Kindle
At the beginning of the novel Rowan finds herself going up against the new Scion for the Vampire Nation, Clive Stewart. I don’t think Clive was prepared for the likes of Rowan, and he finds out soon enough that she won’t put up with any crap out of him and isn’t afraid of him. I loved the bantering between Rowan and Clive; it was nice to see their “relationship” grow. They end up having to work together in order to stop a Vampire serial killer. If this killer isn’t stopped quickly, humans are going to find out sooner rather than later that Vampires exist, and they definitely don’t want to come out like this!

I haven’t seen anything about a sequel yet, but I really hope there is one because I want to find out more about these characters. Not only do I want to see more of Rowan and Clive together; I’d also like to see more of Rowan’s friends and "family", especially Thena and Theo. Also, Rowan came into more of her powers, and it should be interesting to see the changes in her. Brigid is more of a force in her life now, and its obvious that these changes in Rowan will make for some changing times. I see an opportunity here for the start of a great new series and world of “Others.”

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  1. There is SO much going on in this book, but the author pulls it together beautifully. I can't wait to see where all these various strings of fate and plans take us. Read this, you won't be sorry. It's a marvelous addition the Goddess with a Blade series!

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