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Review of A Bloody London Sunset by Jaz Primo

A Bloody London Sunset (Sunset Vampire, #2)A Bloody London Sunset by Jaz Primo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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A Bloody London Sunset is book two in Jaz Primo’s Sunset Vampire series, and continues the story of alpha vampire Katrina Rawlings and her human mate Caleb Taylor. This book begins where the first, Sunrise at Sunset, left off. Katrina and Caleb have defeated Chimalma; unfortunately this has left Caleb with nightmares and Katina with a wish to do more hunting. London vampire Alton has given Caleb advice on dealing with Katrina’s newly reawakened urges, and Paige also comes back to Atlanta for a visit.

Katrina and Caleb have been dating for several months now, and while they may have had a few disagreements they are still going strong. Caleb is not just another boyfriend for Katrina, he is her mate. Katrina learns to cook in order to do something nice for Caleb. She hasn’t cooked for centuries, but she wants to be able to surprise him with the unexpected. This may not sound like much, but remember, she’s a vampire and the smell of food cooking can be a very unpleasant experience for them.

Katrina’s view on Caleb’s love:
“For all of her strength, determination, aggression, and power, she was like a fragile rose before his needs and desires. It was a vulnerable feeling and one that as an alpha vampire she wasn’t accustomed to. And yet she embraced it deeply within herself and held onto it as if it were the very source of her life force.” (Kindle location 455, Page 27)

Caleb’s view on Katrina’s love:
“Katrina makes me feel loved, protected, and encouraged. She’s someone who’s willing to accept me just as I am without condition. And I feel desired and needed by her...’My relationship with Katrina is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I’m completely in love with her.’” (Kindle location 671, Page 40)

Katrina and Caleb’s relationship is not the only thing growing and expanding in this book. Caleb is starting to become a stronger individual who is much more capable of taking care of himself. Not that he can stand up to vampires completely yet, but he can now hold his own against some mere humans. It will be interesting to see if Caleb’s “transformation” will lead into a much greater transformation into that of a vampire. Several hints were placed throughout the story that he already shows great promise at becoming a strong vampire himself.

Vampire politics start to come into play more in this book as well. Katrina and Caleb make a trip to London to visit Alton, and what begins as a spring break vacation ends up being a little more than any of them bargained for. The events that occur in London will play a major role in the next book in the series, Summit at Sunset. Alton is trying to bring the vampires together in a European summit, and I have a feeling that things will not go as smoothly as planned.

Overall, I think this was a nice, solid addition to the series. I can’t wait to see how things are going to develop with Katrina, Caleb, Paige, and Alton. It ought to be interesting to see how vampires come together during the summit, and what kind of vampires we’ll be introduced to. I also hope to see Caleb grow even more. He’s already developed so much over two novels, that I can imagine we’ll start seeing even more out of him in the next book. I also hope there’s even more of Paige. Her spunky self is still my favorite character, and I love it whenever she’s in a scene.

If you enjoyed book one, I definitely think you’ll enjoy book two and wind up looking forward to the next one. A Bloody London Sunset was an enjoyable read, and one that I would recommend to others.

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  1. Awesome review. I think Paige is my favorite too.