Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review of Night Walker by Lisa Kessler

Night Walker (The Night, #1)Night Walker by Lisa Kessler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book from Net Galley for review. This did not affect my review in any way though.

Night Walker is the first book in a new series by Lisa Kessler, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every bit of this novel! It combines two types of supernatural themes, vampirism and reincarnation. It seems that reincarnation is beginning to be a more popular theme in paranormals, and as long as they stay this good I’ll keep reading them. I’ve only read a few but so far I haven’t been disappointed.

Calisto Terana, as he's currently known, is a Nightwalker. In 1775 though, he was known as Father Gregorio Salvador, a Spanish monk who falls in love with a young native woman, Tala. After confessing his love to a fellow monk, Tala is killed and Father Salvador is heartbroken. The Old One of the tribe takes him in as an apprentice. Little does Salvador know exactly what being his “apprentice” will entail - the Old One belongs to the night, forced to drink blood to survive, yet he also uses his own blood to heal the people of the tribe. The Old One has promised him that the soul of Tala will return sometime in the future. In present day San Diego, Calisto finds that the soul of his lost love now resides in Kate Bradley, a choir teacher taking a leave of absence after breaking up with her fiance.

I found Night Walker to be a really good book. I felt bad for Calisto and what had happened between him and Tala. His love for her was so great that “he’d given up his mortality, his soul” (Kindle Location 153) just for an opportunity at a second chance with her. There is real chemistry between Calisto and Kate, and I couldn’t wait to find out how the story was going to end. They face troubles in the fact that Kate does not know what Calisto is, and also a group of monks who DO know what Calisto is are worried that he is going to turn Kate into a Nightwalker as well. They will do just about anything to keep that from happening; some will even commit murder if that is what’s needed.

If you are a fan of vampires and/or reincarnation themes, I’d definitely suggest that you add this book to your to be read list. The ending of Night Walker has me curious as to what will come next for Calisto and Kate, and I’m hoping the wait won’t be too long for book two!

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