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Review of The Shadow Wolf by Bonnie Vanak

The Shadow WolfThe Shadow Wolf by Bonnie Vanak

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The Shadow Wolf by Bonnie Vanak is book 10 in her Nocturne Draicon werewolf books, but I don’t feel it is necessary to have read the others to read this one. I had not heard of this series before and The Shadow Wolf was the first book I read in this series. I did not feel overly lost, and most things were explained well enough to understand the overall story behind the series. Actually, after reading and enjoying The Shadow Wolf, I now want to go back and check out the rest of the books that came before it! This was a quick and easy read and it really kept my attention.

In Vanak’s Nocturne Draicon series, not all werewolves are the same. Some are called Shadow Wolves, special werewolves who have the power to turn invincible and some also have other magics. The Normal Draicon wolves are scared of these powers, so they keep all Shadow Wolves outcast and imprisoned with little to no rights on Shadow Island. Megan Moraine has escaped Shadow Island, along with her two cousins, twins Jenny and Jillian. They are trying to reach a safehouse for Shadow Wolves so that they can get new identities and new lives. Megan is also trying to reach New Orleans in order to locate the twins’ father. Upon reaching a supposed safe location, Megan is spotted by Gabriel Robichaux, an Enforcer for the Normals. She’s sure she’s going to be captured, tortured and turned in to authorities. Gabriel has a few secrets of his own though, and is much more than Megan expected.

I really loved reading The Shadow Wolf. I was worried after seeing it wasn’t book one in the series, but I was willing to give it a try anyways and I was not disappointed. I loved the character of Gabriel. Gabriel has a nasty reputation as an Enforcer, but he is not all that he appears to be. His secret is one that could drive him and Megan apart for good. It takes Megan a while to trust him though, as its not only her life at stake but the lives of the twins as well. I loved watching the relationship between Gabriel and Megan grow. The twins were also a cute addition to the story. They are only seven years old, and they bring an air of innocence that helps cut the tension between the couple.

If you are a fan of werewolf stories, I think you will like The Shadow Wolf. It isn’t a long, complicated read. At only 288 pages, its fairly short compared to other novels in this genre, but it was nice to be able to sit down and read a quick and enjoyable story. It was good enough that I plan on checking out the first books in the series. These characters were brought into The Shadow Wolf and I want to read even more about them as well!

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