Saturday, September 17, 2011

Damned Book Tour–Interview with Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

Damned is the second book in the Crusade trilogy and is written by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie.  You can find my review HERE, and my review for book one – Crusade – can be found HERE. It was fun taking part in the Damned Book Tour, and many thanks to the authors for this interview.

First off, some basic one answer get to know you type questions:

Vanilla or Chocolate? 
Debbie - CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!
Nancy:  Vanilla!!!!! French vanilla if possible!

Dogs or Cats?  
Debbie - Both
Nancy: Both!

Coke or Pepsi? 
Debbie - COKE!!!!!!!!
Nancy: Diet Pepsi, since they support my one of fave TV shows, CHUCK.

Favorite vacation place? 
Debbie - Kauai
Nancy: England or a Disney property

Favorite color? 
Debbie - fuchsia
Nancy: Purple

What are you reading now?
Debbie - The Bible in Russian
Nancy: awesome unpublished steampunk pirate novel

Favorite book of all time? 
Debbie - The Lone Star Ranger by Zane Grey
Nancy: THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE by Shirley Jackson or THE SHINING by Stephen King.

Okay, on to the real questions.

Who influenced you the most as an author? What books influenced you the most?
Debbie - Zane Grey because of the way he would get inside the heads of both his hero and his heroine and you could see how the same events could be perceived by each character in a totally different way.  He made me want to become a writer.  Also, Nancy’s writing influenced me quite a lot which ended up working out really well!  The Lone Star Ranger, The Call of the Wild, and Snow Dog were the three books that had the biggest influence on me growing up.  As an adult I read Dracula and The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax and they really helped me as well.

Nancy: Pshaw, Debbers, you’re so sweet.  I love Shirley Jackson and Stephen King.  Great characters and scary plots.  I used to read both THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE and THE SHINING every year--haunted house stories!  They give me the willies.  Those guys know how to sustain tension.  That’s such a hard thing to learn how to do. 

How is it easier writing with another author? What are some of the difficulties?
Debbie - It’s easier because we can slough scenes we don’t want to write on to each other!  Also we have different strengths.  I love starting something and Nancy loves revising.  The only difficulties we have are when we lose track of which document has the most recent changes and we’ve finally got a system in place to minimize that issue.

Nancy: Debbie’s being so kind.  I tinker, futz, change, change back even after I swear that the manuscript is “locked down” (like a camera.) So that’s why we put our system in place.  To stop the Nancy Monster.

How do you spend your time when you aren't busy writing new books?
Debbie - I spend it talking on the phone to Nancy!  We talk about life, old books, new books, future books.  My husband and I love to travel and visit theme parks.  Also I love seeing movies.  I can happily spend an entire day in a movie theater.

Nancy: Likewise.  I really don’t like talking on the phone except to my sister and Debbie.  I could talk to Deb all day.  I also like to travel. I just got home from Disneyland Paris. Debbie forgot to warn me that Space Mountain: Mission 2 would make me want to hurl.  I have specific requirements for roller coasters. I recently finished watching all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Heaven!

How do you feel about E-readers? Do you think they help the book industry, or hurt it?
Debbie - I love them.  It makes it easier sometimes for new readers to find us.

Nancy: Ditto.  In our house, e-readers have increased the numbers of “physical” books we buy in addition to e-books.  So our local bookstores (in my case, Mysterious Galaxy) win, too!  AND don’t forget that a lot of indie bookstores are selling e-books now!

I know there are a lot of readers out there who also want to write their own novels. Any advice for them?
Debbie - Finish writing that first novel and get busy writing the second!  You get better with practice.

Nancy:  Write what you LOVE.  Look at your bookshelf.  What are you reading? That’s what you should write.  And keep reading. Read, read, read. 

Any upcoming news that you would like to share with your readers?
Debbie - Nancy and I have a new series together and the first book comes out in November.  So look for Unleashed, the first book in the Wolf Springs Chronicles.  Also, I have a vampire novel coming out in October called Kiss of Night and a witch novel coming out in April called The Thirteenth Sacrifice.

Nancy:  I am bursting with news but I can’t reveal it because I haven’t signed my contract yet.  We can’t wait for Unleashed to come out!  Then we have one more Damned novel, Vanquished.  I have some short fiction coming out, too. 

Now, a fun question to finish off the interview:

If you could travel to any place or any time - where would you go?
Debbie - I would go see the crucifixion of Christ and afterwards I would stop off to say hello and shake Benjamin Franklin’s hand.

Nancy:  I’d go have tea with Queen Elizabeth I of England.  Then I’d go watch Richard Dean Anderson in the first episode of the first season of STARGATE.

Thanks again to Nancy and Debbie! Hope you check out both Crusade and Damned!


  1. Awesome and very fun interview Jenn. I loved meeting the authors. You could get a feel for how well their collaboration works by how they answered your questions. It felt like they were sitting with you. Good job!

  2. These were awesome interview questions! Debbie and I just spent a week on book tour together and I miss her so much already!

  3. Fun interview! We love to see other collaborations! And a steampunk pirate novel sounds pretty awesome.