Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teaser Tuesday and Interview with Gena Showalter

This is a special edition of Teaser Tuesday this week.  Gena Showalter’s new book, The Darkest Surrender, is out in stores today!  Trust me, its already on my Kindle.  Since I don’t have time to pull a quote from it for a teaser though, I’m going to use her other new release, Lord of the Vampires, the first book in her new collaboration series Royal House of Shadows. Following the teaser I have an interview with Gena Showalter, and also info on the next book in the Lords series, The Darkest Seduction.  Hope you enjoy!

The Darkest Surrender by Gena Showalter



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Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter

“She’d fallen asleep, dreamed of a vampire’s decadent touch and, like Alice in Wonderland, had woken up in a strange, new world.  And she was awake. This was not a dream. So, where was she? How had she gotten here? What if…?”

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You can find my review for Lord of the Vampires HERE. 


Vanilla or chocolate?

Dogs or Cats? 
Dogs (I have two English bulldogs)

Coke or Pepsi? 
Neither.  I’m a water girl all the way.

Favorite vacation place? 
I’m a huge fan of staycations.

Favorite color? 

What are you reading now? 
Faith Food Devotions by Kenneth E. Hagin

Favorite book of all time? 
Bible.  Truly.  Powerful messages in there.

How many more books do you have planned for the Lords of the Underworld series? 
Including the spin-off(s), there are 5 more books in this series contracted.

Which Lord has been the hardest character to write about? Easiest? 
Gideon was the hardest to write because he could only speak in lies (or he would suffer horrible pain) and Strider was the easiest.  In The Darkest Surrender the characters completely took over, from the Harpy battles, to the never-ending karaoke to the decisions Paris, William and Kane make.

How did the idea for Royal House of Shadows come up? 
The publisher contacted me, Jill Monroe, Jessica Andersen, and Nalini Singh and asked if we’d be interested in writing some kind of continuity together, and we jumped all over it!

Are there any plans for more collaborations between you, Jill Monroe, Jessica Anderson, and Nalini Singh? 
Right now, no, but I had such a blast!  These ladies are amazing!!  (And just wait until you read their stories . . . sizzling and dreamy!)

I asked my Book Club friends if there were any questions they'd like to ask you and here's what they have come up with. (Of course, we have the usual plot questions, but since we know they won't be answered I'll skip them.)

Of all your series that you write, do you have a favorite? Which one do you enjoy working on the most, and is there one that you are most anticipating the release of?
I recently wrote the first book in my Alice in Zombieland series, and I had the best time with the characters and their world.  I seriously cannot wait until this book hits stands.  Plus, I’m beyond excited to write the second. I’m practically foaming at the mouth to get back in there and weave some trouble LOL

Who/What is your favorite author or series? (that isn't Kresley Cole's Smile
Boo, hiss, no fair, I can’t work in these conditions LOL I have so many favorites, but you asked for one so I’ll only give one. Karen Moning is one of the first paranormal romance authors I read, and I fell so in love with her voice.  She has the most amazing way with words, characters and worlds.  You never want to leave the pages of her books.

What new release from another author are you anxiously anticipating?
Lothaire from Kresley Cole is . . . well, the word ‘anticipated’ doesn’t even cover how excited I am to read this book! Mama want NOW.

What do you enjoy doing that isn't book related? 
I enjoy watching TV and movies, going for walks, and listening to music.

What kind of writing process do you have? (How do you start? Do you outline or just write? Are there any musical influences?)
I’ll usually start with the grain of an idea, and everything will spring from there.   Alice in Zombieland is the exception.  I had the title first, and had to work around it.  But with the Lords, I knew I wanted men to have opened Pandora’s box, so I sat down with that in mind, and the characters and world soon took over.

What was it like working on a new series as a collaborated effort?
Soooo much fun!  I loved bouncing ideas off the ladies, and having them bounce ideas off me. 

In "The Darkest Facts" you said who you pictured for each of the ladies (Ashlyn = Jessica Alba, Scarlet = Kate Beckinsale, etc.)  You said you had a harder time with they guys. Any luck now?

Jason Momoa is gorgeous and larger than life, and I think he’d be perfect for . . . well, ALL of the Lords LOL 

Cristina wanted to know, do you base your characters on anyone you know? I reminded her that your Lords have demons in them, lol, and she said "Exactly. I want to know if she has demons running around."
No demons are allowed in the Showalter house!  But I do sometimes base characters on people I know.  Or rather, characters will begin to sound like certain people the more they speak out.  Ava and Noelle, and then Kaia and her sisters are a lot like . . . I said I'd never tell and I won't LOL

Okay, I said I wouldn't ask a plot question, but I have to try at least one. Open-mouthed smile
Who is going to be Paris' HEA? 
I promise to spill all the details this November, and I’ll probably post the cover and blurb first through Facebook (we’re toying with the idea right now—but either way, I will be posting an excerpt exclusive to those who have liked my Facebook).  Right now all of my energy is needed for Strider’s release and my upcoming deadlines! :)

Actually, the cover flap for Paris’ book has already been released.  For the blurb for The Darkest Seduction, you can visit Gena’s website HERE.


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