Monday, October 24, 2011

Review of INK by SJ Davis

I received this novella from Bewitching Book Tours. This does not change my review in any way.

INK is a short novella by S.J. Davis that is a quick and easy read.  I think the premise behind the story is a good one, but would be better if it was longer and filled in more.  I felt at times that there were parts of the story that was missing, and sometimes the jumps between scenes didn’t seem to flow.  This did not make it a bad story though; the Native American mythology was interesting and the main character Sparrow was sympathetic.  After losing her mom in a horrific car accident, Sparrow is uprooted from her life on the reservation and moves to Washington, DC with her aunt.  She has to try to start over with new friends in a new place and she also starts hearing voices and seeing people that no one else can.  She’s always felt that she was part of two worlds (the Anglo and the Native American lifestyles) and this becomes more evident as the story comes to a conclusion.

I think that if this novella was expanded with more details then it would have worked for me more. I would have liked to see more buildup in the relationship between Sparrow and Layne.  As it is, its hard to really feel their relationship - you know the characters like each other but you don’t really get to watch them grow as a couple.  I’m sure this is all taking place over a period of time, but because of the brevity of the story it seems to be happening very sudden.  Also, it would have been nice to learn even more about the mythology behind the story as its very interesting to read about.

In short, INK has the potential to be an intriguing novel. I’d like to know what kind of powers Sparrow gains once she completes her tattoo.  Does she go back to her reservation and help her people? Does she continue in her relationship with Layne or does she become closer to Mateo, her spirit guide and friend?

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