Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review of Invisible Sun by SJ Davis

In her book Invisible Sun, author S.J. Davis presents an interesting new take on vampire mythology.  Steampunk, vampires, and Victorian England come together in an intriguing presentation.  Work in genetic science has now created vampires, but they have formed a pact of peace with humans and are supposed to be no threat.  This all changes when one vampire, genetically created to be the “perfect” vampire, proves not to be quite so perfect in reality.  Davis references the historical event of Jack the Ripper to showcase the madness of Draegen and how the society of vampires control and power drastically slips away.

The novel has a promising start but it doesn’t quite work for me.  This could be no fault of the author’s, as I’m not overly familiar with steampunk and its quite different from my usual paranormal romance.  Also, if the story had been fleshed out some, with more development of the romance between the two main characters, it might have felt differently to me.  As it was, the story’s end seemed a little rushed and the science hard to follow.  

Invisible Sun will probably appeal more to fans of steampunk and science.  Just because it wasn’t my cup of tea does not make for a bad story.  The writing was very descriptive and the characters intriguing.  If steampunk vampires sound cool to you, then by all means please check out this promising writer.

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