Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Sixth Day of Christmas with Faith Hunter

Day six brings Faith Hunter, author of the Jane Yellowrock series.  Jane is a skinwalker, and "Beast" is a part of her and one of the shapes she can change into.  This is an awesome series, and one I recommend to all my reader friends.  Ms. Hunter is offering up for giveaway a pair of earrings that she made herself.

Hope you enjoy Beast's perspective on the 12 Days of Christmas!

Six Geese A-Laying 

Jane Yellowrock is listening to Christmas Carols about good food. A feast. Beast wants feast like song writer talks about! (Licks muzzle. Thinks. Flicks ear tabs, listening to song.) Jane sings along. Jane cannot sing. Sounds like Bison stuck in ditch. Or hawk calling for mate. Jane cannot sing, but Beast likes Jane’s song food! (Listens. Thinks.)

Most of song is about more-than-five foods. Beast cannot count that high but knows that more-than-five is many! Beast is hungry. (Thinks about food and hunting and eating fresh kills.)

Beast does not want seven swans a-swimming. Swans are good fighters. Swim fast. Peck hard with beaks. Swans leave mushy stuff on ground that gets in Beast’s paw pads. Tastes bad to clean pads with tongue. (Looks over at writer.) Writer is making gagging sounds. Beast does not know why writer is sick.

Beast wants Six Geese A-Laying! That is more than five! Maybe more than seven! Geese sitting on nests will not be able to fly fast! (Thinking.) Geese are fat and mean, but when on nests will be slow. Goose meet is good! (Song goes on.)

Five golden rings… (Thinks hard.) Beast does not want gold. Does not taste good. Should not be part of feast song.

Four calling birds are tasty! But loud birds would tell other prey Beast was near. No. Do not want Calling Birds. Want geese! More-than-five geese! (Looks at writer.) WANT GEESE!

Three French hens are full of fat and slow to fly. Easy to catch! But only three. Want more-than-five geese!

Two turtle doves are small mouthful. Crunch and gone. Good, but six geese are better! Beast thinks more-than-five! Like Geese!

And a partridge in a pear tree. (thinking hard) Do not want bird in tree. Would fly away before Beast could get there.  Beast likes six geese a-laying. Could get eggs too. Eggs are tasty. Chomp through shell and lick insides from ground. Good winter food. (Sits up and stares at writer.)
Want six geese a-laying. Want them now!

Writer raises eyebrows. Looks amused.

Beast growls low.

“Hey. I put you in the books,” writer says, “I can take you out of the books. Be nice,”

Beast chuffs with displeasure, but will not growl again. Sits and looks away, stares into distance, tail twitching, not looking at writer. Mad at writer. Want geese!

Writer sighs. “Merry Christmas Y’all! Oh! Easy Pickings, a fan-only .pdf, crossover novella with CE Murphy is available on my website for a discounted $1.99. It will be available on Kindle and Nook later for a higher price. Cat Tales is available now at Amazon and B&N for e-readers. And Raven Cursed will be out Jan. 3, 2012.”
Faith Hunter
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